Name: Renaud Nicolas
City: Montréal, Quebec
Country: Canada
Local time: Start: 16:10:34 Finish: 18:08:29
Distance skated: 30,404 km (measured by a GPS with a ±3 metre precision level, see attached Pdf)

My GPS will act as my "witness" for evidencing that the distance was really made. In fact I started skating at 16:05 and made over 2 hours but I had forgotten to start the tracking mode on my GPS. The total distance I skated for you project is 32,71 km but I can only evidence 30,40...
The error margin with the GPS (WAAS capacity) is ± 3 m.

Renaud Nicolas

PS: I am not sure you attachments can be sent to this email address but I tried it.
PPS: I learned about your "brillant" idea from a Rod email.
PPPS: I carry my GPS with me at all my In-Line and Ice Skating sessions to track distances and sometimes to map the circuits (eg: maps available on "Roller-Montreal" and on the "Defi de l'Ile de Montreal" web sites)