From: Luiz Claudio Mandarino Freire
Sent: Saturday 23. October 2004 17:17
To: Suerbaum Clemens
Subject: RE: 24 skate

My Friend Clemens,

The running here in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil was Amazing!!!! Sunny day and 17 rollerbladers participated.
We did in 2 hours (between 10:00 to 12:00) 41,23 Km. Now is 01:16 PM (local time).
We loved to participate and help UNICEF. We registred with many photos the event and we´re doing a website with all the information.

Thank you very much for the oportunity to participate in this event!
And good luck for all other rollerbladers.
You can count on us for any other action.

Best Regards,
Luiz Claudio Freire
Rioinline Webmaster