Sydney, Australia: Hour 13+14 of 24skate#6
Report by Daniel Thomson

Overcast skies and cool weather greeted the skaters who fronted up for the Sydney leg of the 2009 24Skate. While it was threatening rain throughout the two hours, it thankfully held off until after we were finished. All up we had eight skaters participate in the 2009 event.

Thanks to the below skaters who took part in the event:

Sydney 24skate #6
Matthew Hendy, Andrew Jovicevic, Lee Mullard, Peter Thompson, Daniel Thomson Andrew Tiffany, Jourdain Vitiello and Richard Vitiello.

Distance covered in hour 1 (09:00 - 10:00 AEST): 33.316 Km
Distance covered in hour 2 (10:00 - 11:00 AEST): 33.970 Km

SkaterAverage Lap Time (s)Average speed (kph)Total Distance Covered (km)Max Lap Speed
Daniel Thomson33,26536,0749,61938,241
Lee Mullard34,24135,04610,66741,085
Richard Vitiello34,92334,3629,66738,760
Andrew Jovicevic36,39933,5487,33338,302
Jourdain Vitiello34,92332,9686,66738,036
Matt Hendy36,54732,8346,33335,067
Peter Thompson36,78032,6269,33336,342
Andrew Tiffany38,09331,5028,66733,850

A big thank you also to the helpers on the day who ensured that the event ran smoothly:
Neil Hendy, Angela Mullard, Marianna Thomson, Stephen Thomson and Brendan Vitiello

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