Karaj, Iran: Hour 18 of 24skate#6

Hi Clemens,

we skated as I promised you. We were 7:

Karaj 24skate #6

Karaj 24skate #6

4 adults: Hossein Tavakoly, Saleh Samimi, Amir Sepehr Rabiie, Amir Kohkan
3 kids: Yasamin Azimi, Sana Safari, Ainaz Hosseinian

Karaj 24skate #6

We skated from 8:30-9:30(local time). As you know we arranged this event a little lately, so we couldn't arrange a part of city because in Iran it takes several days to arrange some event like that where you need a street or public place. So we skated on a private piste which is located in a public park (the name is AGHIGH).

we skated about 20 kilometer and we enjoyed our life. I cann't say how much we enjoyed and we are proud of ourselves to participate in this big international event.

I appreciate you and other my friends in all around the world for making this opportunity to us.

And one thing more, may you know IRAN today has some internal political difficulties. all cities are crowded with people who complain result of election and government banned all comunication channel like SMS, Email, weblogs and.. I send this email by filtering system and I am not sure that you will get it or not, please inform me about this matter.

Best regard

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