Udine, Italy: Hour 23 of 24skate#6

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From a pink balcony
... I saw a rose
a black madrak
And a flower of a white Lotus

13 and 14 of June skaters from all over world ran to cover the range of 24 hours and as many kilometers as possible in an imaginary chain which they all united.
The idea was raised on the site 24skate.net . Naturally we in Friuli did hour part of it.
Our relay was skated between Fossalon and Grado. We started from the parking lot of the visitor center of the Cavanata Valley ...

Udine 24skate #6
...in direction Caneo and followed the road which accompanies the Averto canal ...

Udine 24skate #6
...and later the bicycle road which goes along the sea.

Udine 24skate #6
At the Cavanata bridge we turned around until the S curve,

Udine 24skate #6
from where we concluded the route on the straight route which leads from the visitor center to the federal road Grado-Monfalcone.

Udine 24skate #6
During our skate we encountered a beautiful blonde skater with a rose top. A black madrak [explanation by author: madrak in our local language is a not poisonous snake, long more than a meter, large 2 cm; when you pass near a madrak, it stands up and blows and can also bite] crossed the bicycle lane and at the visitor center we saw a splendid Lotus blossom.

Udine 24skate #6, lotus
I would like to dedicate this photo to Francesca to thank her for the guided visit at the center.

Kisses and hugs
MANDI A DUCJ ! (= Bye, bye to everyone )

Report for Clemens:
Ive covered 18,1 km in an hour !
There were 30 Celsius.
It was a very sunny, hot, sultry day !

[Clemens: Photos taken from Manolo's collection]

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